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Atenție : Site-ul = www . tuning-parts. net = ( Victor-Lucian Enache 0745.050.416 ) nu are nici o legatură cu magazinul online al nostru . Folosind o parte a numelui și logo-ul al noștri de la fosților angajați noștri este cu scop să va induce in eroare ! Ne cerem scuze tutor clienților noștri din România pentru această neplacere.

Payment: Bank transfer
Time for delivery: 2-4 working days - for Romania and Greece
Prices: 0-1kg 7 Euro, 1-2kg 8 Euro, 2-3kg 9 Euro
For more info please contact us at email:
Skype: Tuning-Parts.Bg

All prices VAT included

Articles on PROMOTION - up to 30%

Short Shifter SS 101 BMW E30 84-91, E36 92-99
20.70 EUR

Short Shifter SS 106 Acura Integra,Honda Civic, CRX, Del...
19.80 EUR

52mm LED7C7703-2 Oil Temp Gauge Smoked Face
18.20 EUR

52mm LED7C7701-2 Voltmeter Smoked Face
17.55 EUR

UNIVERSAL Intercooler 550*180*65
100.30 EUR

T Clamp 2.00" / 51mm + 8mm
1.70 EUR

T Clamp 2.50" / 63mm + 8mm
2.55 EUR

SBT 4 Point Racing Harness 76mm
49.30 EUR

88.40 EUR

Newest products

Race Catalytic Converter 300 CPSI
178.00 EUR

Race Catalytic Converter 200 CPSI
178.00 EUR

Intake Manifold Kit Nissan Skyline R33 RB25DET
759.00 EUR

Oil Drain Flange T3 T3/4 T04 GT40
14.00 EUR

Reduce 45 degree Elbow 2.75"-3.00" / 70mm-76mm
21.00 EUR

Silicone Reducing T splice 63mm/76mm- 24mm
0.00 EUR

Silicone Reducing T splice 51mm/63mm- 24mm
0.00 EUR

Silicone Reducing T splice 57mm/63mm- 24mm
0.00 EUR

Silicone Reducing T splice 51mm/57mm- 24mm
0.00 EUR

Silicone T splice 76mm- 16mm
16.00 EUR

Silicone T splice 76mm- 12mm
16.00 EUR

Silicone T splice 102mm- 12mm
16.00 EUR

Silicone T splice 102mm- 16mm
16.00 EUR

3 Bar Boost meter GAUGE Smoked Face
21.00 EUR

Steering wheel МР PVC Leather
46.00 EUR

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